Worry Free Transport

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Location: Jackson, MO
Toll Free Phone: 888-243-0082
Website: http://www.WorryFreeTransport.com
FMCSA Licensing: MC-557913

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  1. Reviewed by Sylvia Thompson - Order ID 27586-PY
    June 2nd, 2011 at 11:39 PM

  2. Beware this company. It is a scam. They took my $150 deposit and said the car would be picked-up in ten days. After more than 6 weeks they still had not picked-up my car or offered me a refund of my deposit. They NEVER answer their phones which I have since learned is a bid red flag. They no longer return any of my calls and now I have to attempt to get my deposit back from them. They are crooks and not to be trusted. They will take your money, they will not pick-up your vehicles and you will never hear from them again.

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