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  1. Reviewed by Dominick Castelluccio - Order ID 27894
    June 2nd, 2011 at 9:59 AM

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    Thank for the opportunity to respond to my satisfaction level with your company’s service with the attached survey.
    Unfortunately it will not be a “5 STAR” review. Because you were my first contact with Auto Transport 123 and the person I made the agreement (contract) with I feel that you should know my satisfaction about my SUV transport.

    My SUV was picked up on Friday May 20th at 11:57 PM. I called dispatch on Thursday May 26th to get an ETA on my SUV delivery. I was told by Mark, in dispatch, that it would be delivered on the weekend, Memorial Day Weekend. I cancelled my plans for the holiday in anticipation of receiving my SUV. Monday morning arrives and I do not have my SUV, however I do get a phone call from the driver at 9:30 AM when he tells me that he will deliver my SUV that evening. Monday night at 11:30 PM I went to bed without a phone call from your driver or a delivery of my SUV. I did get a voice message delivered early in the morning saying that he, the driver, will call me in the morning.

    At about 11 AM on Tuesday morning I again called dispatch and was told they had computer problems and I would get a call back in 15 minutes. At 12:25 i received a phone call from the driver saying that he did not want to drive to my door and if I could meet him at the rest area on the Atlantic City Expressway. He said that he would be their at 3 pm and he would call me when he arrived and I agreed. Because I was lied to during the last few days I had my 85 year old Mom drive me to the rest area, we arrived at 3:01 PM. There was a auto transport truck packed in the rest area but my SUV was not on it.

    My Mom and I waited for 1 hour 45 minutes when we both saw your driver drive up in my SUV, from the direction of Atlantic City, and observe your driver, and a female and a child exit my SUV along with several bags of luggage and a GPS attached to the interior of my windshield. When I confronted the driver he said “What are you doing here, I said that I will call you!”

    So Ariel there are several scenarios that could have transpired since my phone call to dispatch on May 26th…………….which ever one took place I am not happy with the service I was provided. Which is even sadder is that I don’t think that you or your employer gives a rat’s butt about it.

    I have started at the most likely recourse, that being the BBB and will pursue this matter tomorrow with my East Coast as well as my West Coast council as well at the transportation administration on a federal level.

  2. Reviewed by Melissa Thomas - Order ID 45919-QD
    July 29th, 2011 at 3:25 PM

  3. BEWARE, total scam to get your deposit. Rude, never call you back, very unprofessional. Jenny acts like the whole process is a joke.

  4. Reviewed by nancy - Order ID 239462
    January 4th, 2013 at 1:24 PM

  5. Those people are thieves. They lie. They are good with internet scams. They try to look good, but if you look at the reports from customers, they are thieves. Never do business with this company if you don’t want to be ripped off.

  6. Reviewed by Marie - Order ID 205754
    March 26th, 2013 at 4:18 PM

  7. Hired them through the internet to move my Father’s classic cars. They seemed very helpful at first. This was in Oct 2012. It is now March 2013. I had been dealing directly with their driver who kept giving me excuse after excuse that he needed another car to pick up to complete his load or the weather was bad etc. I finally called them directly today and Janine their customer service manager, told me that they had called me several times but I had no voicemails from them she got very hostile and personal with me and called me a liar and when I asked to speak to her manager. She told me that no one there wanted to speak with me. The point is ” I hired them to do a service” They did not. I wanted a refund of the 350.00 they charged me as a deposit. Very unprofessional and please save yourself the hell I went through and do not use this company. They will do everything wrong and turn it around and try to blame you. SCAM!!!! beware of these people

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