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  1. Reviewed by bob - Order ID 111256
    April 20th, 2011 at 10:00 AM

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    Eric was very helpful, knowledgable and patient. I had never shiped a car before and I was overwhelmed by the different prices and approaches to transport. I realized that service and pricing is very important in moving my car. Eric has over 6 years experience in the businesss. He is a straightforward, honest and patient. Great experience — highly recommend.

  2. Reviewed by Rick - Order ID Unknown
    September 21st, 2012 at 5:55 PM

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    I contacted Eric Olson at budget auto shipping about shipping my car from Oakland to Hilo Hi. This guy promised me he could get my car shipped to be received on the agreed to date 8/16/2012 in Hilo, Hi without a problem but would have to charge me extra, $400 extra. Well I gave him my credit card number and he booked the shipment, as the Email documentation from Budget Auto shipping states (arrive in Hilo, Hi by 8/16/ 2012.) I drive to the port where Horizon Shipping Lines tells me I have to sign a waiver stating my shipment could be up to a week late. Eric never informed me of that when he took my money and I never signed anything with him, he just promised it would get there when he promised 0n 8/16/12 or earlier and happily took my money.
    So I book my hotel around Eric s words and of course my car ships 5 days late costing me an extra $1000 dollars in hotel and no help from Eric or Budget auto. They lied about the shipping date I soon found out. Someone at Horizion lines later told me that the date he promised could have never been delivered as promised even though he charged me extra for that date. When I complained and asked why I was not given the date I was promised, Eric at Budget Auto threatened legal action if I wrote a negative review of Budget Auto.

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