Things You Need To Know About Auto Transport

There are many important things about car moving process that you need to know before you use the service. Pl ease understand that pick-up and delivery terms are estimates, not guaranteed dates. There are many unforeseen problems that can arise on the road including traffic jams, unfavorable weather conditions and mechanical breakdowns that can cause delays.

Be on time to meet the auto shipment truck in the previously defined pick-up spot that is easy to get to, both for you and your car mover. If you are late you’ll delay not only your own delivery but may also keep other clients waiting for their cars. Before you leave your vehicle with the car moving company, don’t forget to receive an inspection report also called the Bill Of Lading, describing the current condition of your car and describing all the existing scratches, cracks and so on. You will need this report to check your vehicle’s condition upon delivery.

As soon as your car is delivered by the car moving company, run a slow, thorough inspection checking against the Bill Of Lading report you were given before. If there are any discrepancies between the report and the actual condition of the vehicle, note them down and make sure that the truck driver signs the paper.

What can you do if any damage should occur during the transport?

To ensure the possibility to claim damages if any of them take place during the transit, you should do the following:

1. Make sure the auto shipper that you have chosen provides you with insurance info for the full cover of any damages or losses caused to the vehicle.

2. Before you give your vehicle to the driver check if you have received the car inspection report (Bill Of Lading), where the current condition of your car is stated (all the damages, scratches and so forth that currently your vehicle bears are fixed therein). Keep this document until your vehicle is delivered.

3. On delivery check the general state of your car very carefully (roof, bumpers, inside condition and so forth) and make sure it corresponds to the state of your vehicle as it is fixed in the car inspection report. In case you find some damages, occurred during the transit, write them down and after the driver has been informed about them ask him to sign and note all the damagaes.

4. Once all the damages have been reported to your auto moving company, the mover will have to give you reimbursement for all the damages and inconsistencies to the condition of the vehicle on the pick-up date, which have been caused during the car shipment process.

5. If any disputes on the reimbursement take place, try to resolve them with your car shipper. And if you fail to come to any reasonable decision and the car shipping company refuses to pay you reimbursement, you can file a compaint with a Better Business Bureau where the company is located. And finally if you have a court judgment you can apply to the U.S. Department of Transportation.

What you should know about auto transport quotes

When searching for a company, try to find out at least five auto transporteres to choose from and compare their quotes. Please use our short form to receive up to 5 auto transport quotes from high rated, reliable and trusted companies. Avoid quotes that sound too good to be true. Choosing a lower quote does necessary mean your car will be picked up. Make sure you are aware of payment schedule of the car transporter and are ready to accept their terms and conditions. Most of the drivers accept cash, money order and certified checks. Many do not accept personal checks or credit cards upon delivery.

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