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  1. Reviewed by Dave B. - Order ID dave
    October 20th, 2009 at 7:21 PM

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    My wife and I never used an auto carrier before so this was our first experience moving our car several states away from Georgia to Nevada. Our overall rating for Allegiance is 5 stars! Great communication, price and friendly driver.

  2. Reviewed by Janet - Order ID 654370-KE
    January 7th, 2010 at 5:55 PM

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    I spoke with Tonya F. a sales rep for ALLEGIANCE AUTO SHIPPING, INC around 11AM on Friday Sept. 18th 2009. I needed to find a company that would was able to have my car picked up in Albuquerque, NM and delivered to me in Aventura, FL by Wed. Sept. 23, 2009. Tonya said that it was not possible. Being that she had only been working there for 2 months, I figured that she had her limitations. So I asked if there was a manager there that could override her decision, which there was. ADI GABISON was the office manager, but once he got on the phone, he told me that he was infact the owner. I told him my delima, & he was aware that I wasn’t interested in doing business with them UNLESS there was a way to EXPEDITE MY VEHICLE. Luckly for me, he had the PERFECT SOLUTION! Or so I thought! He told me, as he was looking at his computer he had a driver that was in Albuquerque, New Mexico who had room for one more vehicle who was going to be leaving that night or latest early Sat. morning Sep. 19th. He then stated that I would need to pay a fee of $400 to EXPEDITE my vehicle. He then explained that the reason it was $400 was also because I was taking another cars place & that it was GUARANTEEING ME DELIVERY ON OR BEFORE WEDNESDAY SEPTEMBER 23,2009. So I agreed. He asked for my credit card info over the phone to get things started. He then asked me to go to their website & to read & sign their Terms of Agreement. I asked him to fax me over their shipping form & asked for it to include what we agreed on. By the time I received their form (which didn’t state or even mention that the $400 charge was for Expediting my vehicle or GUARANTEEING me delivery on or before Sept. 23, 2009) It didn’t even include any of the terms that we agreed upon. It just stated that they were charging me $1000 & that I was authorizing them to charge $400 to my account for Transportating my vehicle. Something told me to check my bank account. I was shocked because he had already gone and taking the $400 from my account. Mind you the money was gone from my account, before I received their authorization form. So without my signature & before I had read their Terms of Agreement & signed their document, I had already be charged $400. I should’ve listened to my instincts, because that right there was a sign that they WEREN’T A LEGITAMITE COMPANY…. I started getting on there nerves cause I started asking all these questions about charging my account before I had even signed anything. Then they also promised me that I would receive by the end of the day the number to the driver. Instead I received a call at 5:09 from Jessica over at Allegiance Auto Shipping, who ended up leaving me a message stating that my car had been scheduled for pick up tomorrow morning(Sat. Sept 23.) & left me the number to my driver (505) 247-2919. So I decided to call & a man by the name of Ray answered and said “MADRID TOWING”. I was confused, so I asked if they transport vehicles across state lines? He told me “NO” and he asked if I was calling regarding the 2005 Convertible Audi? I said “Yes”. He then told me that JESSICA FROM ALLEGIANCE AUTO SHIPPING ASKED HIM TO PICK UP MY VEHICLE & TO STORE IT UNTIL MONDAY MORNING. AT WHICH TIME HE WOULD BE RELEASING IT TO THE DRIVER. I IMMEDIATLY called Allegiance Auto Shipping & NO ONE ANSWERED.. There was a message stating that they’re closed after 5PM & won’t be back in the office until Monday morning. What a COINICIDENCE! She calls me & leaves a message at 5:09PM & when I called her back it was 5:14PM there was no there to answer. I called back the Madrids & asked for Ray, I then asked him if he had another number for them. He gave me the cell phone number to JOE who worked for Allegiance Auto. Stated he was the one who placed the order. So I called JOE and he answered. I then apologised for calling his cell, explained that I spoke with ADI GABISON earlier & told him that my car was scheduled for pick-up the next morning & was supposed to be delivered by Wed. Sept 23rd. Right away he knew that I was calling regarding the Audi. JOE THEN STATED, “You must be confused, because your car is scheduled for pick up on Monday & will be delivered either Friday or Sat the latest”. I then corrected him by explaining that there was no confussion on my part. I told him that I spoke with the owner myself ADI GABISON, and he CHARGED MY ADDITIONAL $400 TO EXPEDITE MY CAR & GUARANTEED ME DELIVERY BY WEDNESDAY SEPT. 23,2009. He then laughed and said, ” FIRST OF ALL ADI IS NOT THE OWNER, HE ONLY WORKS FOR THE COMPANY & HE’S BEEN THERE LONGER THAN ANY OF US & SHOULD KNOW THAT THERE’S NO WAY WE COULD GUARANTEE YOUR VEHICLE BEING DELIVERED ON WED. SEPT. 23RD, WHEN IT’S SCHEDULED FOR PICK UP ON MONDAY SEPT. 21ST. I EXPLAINED THAT’S WHAT I WAS PAYING FOR & ASKED IF THERE WAS A WAY FOR HIM TO CONTACT ADI? JOE SAID THAT IT WAS THE WEEKEND & THAT HE WOULDN’T BE REACHABLE & SUGGESTED I SHOULD CALL BACK MADRIDS TOWING COMPANY & CANCEL THE PICK-UP, THEN TO CALL ADI FIRST THING MONDAY MORNING & TALK WITH HIM. I was really upset & didn’t know what else to do. I couldn’t contact another company now it was too short of notice. I was starting training for my new job on Thursday Sept 24th & didn’t have the money to rent a vehicle. My mother & sister ended up offering to drive my vehicle down from Albuquerque, New Mexico all the way to Aventura, FLorida. I’m so blessed to have such a LOVING & WONDERFUL FAMILY… My mom & sister ended up leaving Sun. Morning Sept 20th & ended up here in Miami Tuesday night(Sept. 22nd).:-)

    After contacting Mr. Adi Gabison Monday morning Sept & explaing that I wanted my $400 reimbursed to my account & why, Mr. Adi Gabison stated that the reason my car was getting picked up on Monday( HERE GOES ANOTHER LIE) was because the Driver got stuck in CA & since I’m cancelling my order they will only chargeback $250 because there’s a $150 cancellation charge after 72hrs… LOL WHAT!!!
    I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. I explained that I wasn’t cancelling my service, that I wasn’t getting delivery on or before Sept. 23rd AS PROMISED! I think he forgot what I paid for OR perhaps this was just ANOTHER SCAM.. He said, “well you’ll get it by Friday”. I told him that because of the service he didn’t provide, my mother & sister are now driving my car across state lines because the car needed to be here by Wed. Sept 23rd. Needless to say they refused my refund of $400 & I had to contact my bank & dispute the charge.
    Which I did that very same day. My bank gave me a temporary credit of $400, mailed me a form to fill out. Problem Solved!!

    Well, on Dec. 16th, 2009, after reviewing what the merchant (Allegiance Auto Shipping, Inc). had to say about my dispute, my bank, sent me a letter stating,
    ” They were unable to continue the dispute with the merchant(ALLEGIANCE AUTO SHIPPING) since they have PROVIDED PROOF that my vehicle was delivered on OCTOBER 12, 2009.
    I think that I’ve said more than enough… I decide to be the bigger person & not BLOG any negative review about the company becasue I thought my bank would take care of this whole issue, but seeing what lenghts they’re trying to go just to keep my $400, I thought I should let people know what kind of company their dealing with. I saw one bad review on this company & I chose to ignore it, DON’T IGNOR THIS ONE!! I WOULD HIGHLY RECOMMEND USING A DIFFERENT COMPANY. THEIR ONLY A BROKER!!
    Check them out on BBB.. Their Rated D+

  3. Reviewed by Stacy - Order ID 67780
    January 12th, 2010 at 9:06 AM

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    The customer service at Allegiance Auto Shipping was great! Sara and Jessie made me feel very comfortable with leaving the transport of my 2 cars in the very capable hands of their dispatch department. Anthony, from dispatch, contacted me personally on my first available pick up day to let me know that there was a driver in my area ready to pick up my cars. I was blown away with the professional service I experienced with Allegiance and the driver.

  4. Reviewed by Adina Calldwell - Order ID 422344
    January 25th, 2010 at 3:27 PM

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    Great company – got the job done on time

  5. Reviewed by Helen B - Order ID 674502
    March 22nd, 2010 at 12:10 PM

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    My vehicle was shipped by Allegiance and my experience was horrible.

    I paid extra for a specific day pick up they wanted to pick up the car early, when the car was delivered it was parked in an area that I was given a ticket, and finally the roof of my car was DAMAGED!!!

    When the car was returned it was so dirty I couldn’t see the damages and I’m 5′1 so I could easily see the roof of my car. Once the car was washed and I was above it I noticed the damage a day later. As I had not signed the form at delivery claiming damages I’m now being told I many not get coverage.

    The damage was caused by something metal hitting the roof of my car…it’s not a ding on the side that I could have caused!

    I have been trying to get my car repaired now for over a month and of course now Allegiance does not want to take responsibility as they are just the BROKER and NOT THE CARRIER.

    Translated means….
    “legally we don’t have to take responsibility. We will just take a fee for hiring someone else to do the job and then not hold them responsible for the damage. We are not the insured party so we don’t have to worry about your claim. Thank you for your payment!!!”

    Do not use this company!!! If something goes wrong the promises of amazing service from the sweet voiced young lady will not be followed through.

    FIND A DIRECT CARRIER otherwise your throwing your money away and will have no coverage.

  6. Reviewed by Lionel Rubin - Order ID 668293-QK
    April 11th, 2010 at 1:41 PM

  7. In December I contacted Allegiance Auto Shipping Inc., regarding having them arrange for transport of my automobile from Philadelphia to Naples, Florida. They indicated that they could provide this service and requested a deposit of $195, which I paid by credit card. I had indicated to them that the shipping needed to take place from Philadelphia on January 22nd, 23rd or 24th, and I would need to have the car delivered January 27 or shortly thereafter. They indicated that they would be able to accede to my request. On January 22 I received a “courtesy call” from them indicating that they were initiating process of finding a shipper and arranging for the transport. I told them at that time that they were starting very late in the process and I had some doubts that they would be able to complete the arrangements for auto pickup during the window I had requested. Their representative assured me that they would be able to complete the task. The next day (Saturday, January 23) I called back voicing my concerns about the lack of information or confirmation of an auto pickup. Again I got a call back indicating that they were taken care of making the arrangements. On Sunday, January 24 at about 2 PM I e-mailed them that I had doubts that they would be able to fulfill their promise of having the car picked up between January 22 and January 24, and that I would wait for a reply. No reply was forthcoming and I was forced to leave the car in Philadelphia and make arrangements for renting a car in Florida. I left 2 messages indicating my disappointment at their inability to fulfill their promises, and requested by e-mail that they refund my deposit. That has not happened to date and there has been no response from them. I also sent Allegiance Auto Shipping a certified letter stating my concerns and requesting a refund of my deposit. They refused to accept the letter.

    I’m forced to conclude that besides being inept, they have defrauded me. My conclusion is that they are both unreliable and dishonest, and I’d warn anyone contemplating using them to beware.

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