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  1. Reviewed by Alex G. - Order ID 138371-HF
    October 23rd, 2009 at 9:36 AM

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    They quote you one price upon placing your order and then call you asking for more money ($150 more)

    Adny said my car would not get picked up if i don’t pay. I cancelled my order and found another transporter.

  2. Reviewed by Steve Toomey - Order ID 142886-IK
    November 22nd, 2009 at 3:15 PM

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    Read this entire report on MoveAuto.net / Flofield Inc., Hopefully before you choose to do business with them. I used an auto shipper last year to move a vehicle from Las Vegas to Massachusetts. They ship terminal to terminal and the experience was perfect and the terms that were agreed upon were met. I was spoiled by the proffesional way the whole deal panned out. Recently I needed to move my sons Jeep from Huntington Beach California to Lunenburg Massachusetts door to door as my son was not able to get the Jeep to a convenient terminal. I filled out a web based order for the move and received (and am still receiving) competitive quotes for the move, all around the low to mid $800.00 range. http://www.MoveAuto.net came in at $775.00 with no additional charges, and when I contacted Barry on Monday he said they had a cancelled spot on a truck in my area and could pick the Jeep up on Wednesday if it was convenient, he went on to say because the initial deposit was made by the cancelled customer he was giving me expedited service at no extra charge. I agreed to the deal, and this is what I received in my email:
    Toll Free – 888-930-5599/ 877-353-7775
    Customer Service – 800-594-5931
    Website: moveauto.net
    License # 580365
    Dear Customer:
    At MOVE AUTO. we guarantee a fair price that will move your car! With no extras attached and on time service, using 1 truck all the way. At present we have a truck in your area available for your pickup at the time that you requested.
    We offer the following expedited services: [Please choose one and circle]
    1- 5-10 day pickup no additional charge—STANDARD
    2- 1-2 day pickup $300.00 additional———EXPRESS
    3- 3-4 day pickup $200.00 additional———SEMI–EXPRESS
    We recommend the 3-4 pickup, which is the most requested, it affords a timely pickup and delivery, thus alleviating rentals and being without your car. There are times that we have a truck in your area at the time requested and has a cancellation, there would be no extra charge.
    Average transit times are as follows:
    East To West 7-10 days
    North To South 4-6 days
    Call for other routes Our 20 years experience has helped us understand how to guarantee you a fair price, along with a time effective move. We have relationships established with our truckers. We do not give large pickup windows. Every move we do is with a specific truck at a specific time!
    We have trucks available on arrival and departure at all times. It is likely we can offer you a discount on a available space if possible and the time of year that you are shipping.

    The cost to move your year1984 vehicle Jeep CJ-7 on a open carrier from lasAngelas, CA to Lunenburg, MA is


    We are a fully insured, licensed and bonded transportation company. Please call us at 888-930-5599 , 877-353-7775 or so that we can help you with your transporting needs at “THE BEST POSSIBLE PRICE”.
    The signed paperwork and the deposit thru our Paypal account must be received prior to [truck being designated] order being processed.
    Our services include:
    -Door to Door Services
    -Full coverage insurance
    -Inoperable vehicles
    -Terminals in all states
    -Enclosed service available
    -One truck all the way
    We encourage you to speak to our staff [Andy,Barry or Matt], they are our greatest asset!
    Hours of Operation
    Monday – Friday > 9AM to 5PM EST Customer Service
    9AM to 9PM EST Sales Dept
    Saturday – Sunday > 9AM to 6PM EST Sales Department Only
    10am to 2pm EST Customer Service
    The MOVE AUTO Team ( Matt, Andy, and Barry )
    Toll Free- 877-353-7775/888-930-5599 Fax – 816-714-4288
    E-Mail – sales@moveauto.net
    You are receiving this message because you requested a quote for your move. To stop receiving messages from moveauto.net – Flofield Inc click here to unsubscribe. For more information on how your email was obtained, click here to learn more.
    I received an email acknowledging my acceptance from Matt:
    Dear Steven Toomey Sr,


    Thank you for placing your order with us. Our goal is your complete satisfaction.

    We understand that your 1984 Jeep CJ-7 will be available for pickup on or after 11/04/09. You should hear from us soon to arrange for shipping, and we are here to answer your questions from 8:30 am to 4:30pm EST Monday thru Friday. We ask at this time that you print your order, read it, sign it and fax it back to us [866-714-4288], so that we can verify all information, the signed order
    form must be received prior to pickup.You must also make the deposit thru our Paypal account at our website http://www.moveauto.net before the order can be processed.

    For customer service, please call 800-594-5931

    I then received this contract:
    Shipping Order Form
    Order Receipt for Vehicle Transport
    Order #142886-IK
    Order #142886-IK
    Shipper Invoice
    Date Order # Amount Due Terms
    11/02/2009 142886-IK $200.00 Due on Receipt

    moveauto.net – Flofield Inc
    16 north water street #128 • greenwich, CT 06830 Salesperson: sales
    Phone: 800-594-5931/800-821-0334
    Fax: 866-714-4288
    Email: sales@moveauto.net

    Thank you for the opportunity to serve your automobile transport needs. Please review and complete the five steps below and sign and fax together with our terms & conditions to 866-714-4288. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call or email us using the contact information above.
    1. Shipper Information
    First Name: Steven Phone 1: 978-857-8031
    Last Name: Toomey Sr Phone 2: 585-697-0197
    Company: Cell:
    Address: 283 Elmwood Rd Fax:
    Address 2:
    City: Lunenburg
    State/Zip: MA 01462
    Country: United States

    Email: toomfly@comcast.net

    2. Pricing and Shipping
    Quote Number: 142886-IK
    Price Quote: $775.00
    1st Avail Date: 11/04/2009
    Ship Via: Open
    Vehicle(s) Run: Yes

    3. Payments Received
    3. Transit Directives
    Origin Name: Sean Toomey
    Phone 1: 978-501-1379
    Phone 2:
    Address: Meeting Trucker
    Address 2:
    City: Huntington Beach
    State/Zip: CA
    Country: United States

    Destination Name: Steven Toomey Sr
    Phone 1: 978-857-8031
    Phone 2: 585-697-0197
    Address: 283 Elmwood Rd
    Address 2:
    City: Lunenburg
    State/Zip: MA 01462
    Country: United States

    Vehicle Information Year/Make/Model Type Color Lic. Plate VIN Tariff
    1984 Jeep CJ-7 $775.00

    4. Deposit
    Circle One: Check, Money Order, Cash, Credit Card
    Credit Card Number:
    Name On Card:
    Card Billing Address:
    Authorized Signature:

    Deposit: $200.00
    Exp. Date:
    Security Code:
    This is the last 3 digits on back of Visa/Mastercard or 4 digits above CC# on front of Amex.

    5. Additional Information, Instructions, and/or Conditions

    6. Terms and Conditions



    Price includes all charges, except for items described below.

    1–MOVE AUTO.NET [a broker] agrees to have the vehicle or vehicles transported by open carriers unless otherwise specified from origin to destination within a reasonable amount of time designated by the auto transport industry. MOVE AUTO will designate a carrier to move the vehicles in a timely fashion, but cannot guarantee any specific pickup or delivery date. If the customer wishes a guaranteed pickup date or expedited service, this can be done at an extra charge [please inquire]. In the event that the truck is going to be late in picking up the car, we can recommend a terminal nearby where the car can be dropped off for an additional charge. MOVE AUTO.NET has 1-10 days from 1st available date to pickup car.
    We offer the following services: [please choose] must be checked or circled otherwise assumption will be made based on desired pickup date:
    1- 5-10 day pickup- from first available pickup date–STANDARD
    2- 1-2 day pickup $300.00 additional———EXPRESS
    3- 3-4 day pickup $200.00 additional———SEMI-EXPRESS
    You must designate which service you desire.

    If pickup is not made within the designated timeframe the additional amount will not be charged and the customer will be refunded the entire deposit, the customer may at any time elect to change the service requested without any penalty.


    2–Carriers responsibility begins when the shipper or his agent signs the bill of lading at pickup. MOVE AUTO.NET must be notified if the shipper is unavailable for pickup or delivery.

    2a-We are providing full coverage insurance and road tax on your vehicle at an additional cost of 8% [as per the original quote received] of the sales invoice, per vehicle. this additional cost will be added to your invoice . Complimentary gasoline redemption certificates will be mailed to customer after delivery of vehicle,shipping order must be signed and sent back in order to forward the gasoline redemption certificate

    3–For payment of the deposit of $200.00, we offer paypal on our website [www.moveauto.net] as the method to be used, this method of payment affords the security and confidentialality that you are looking for[ you can use mastercard,visa amex and discover thru paypal] and you do not have to have a paypal account, all balances due on delivery must be paid by certified bank check, money order or cash, payable to the carrier. . Should delivery be attempted and customer does not have the proper funds the vehicle will be brought to a storage facility. A redelivery charge and storage fee will be charged to the customer and must be paid at the time of delivery. ) If customer wishes to drop car at terminal the cost incurred will be paid by the customer.

    3a– It is understood by the customer and MOVE AUTO.NET that the [shipping order and terms and conditions must be signed and returned promptly by fax or email] before the pickup of the vehicle, so that all information can be verified as correct

    4– MOVE AUTO.NET hereby notifies shipper that the vehicle will be driven on and off the carrier, or to and from the carrier at the pickup and delivery site. Should the carrier be unable to access the site [due to narrow streets or low hanging trees]. The customer or his agent must make a reasonable effort to meet the driver if necessary.

    5–Should the vehicle become inoperable during transport, a maximum of $200 will be charged in addition to the already quoted price. It is the obligation of the shipper to make sure that the vehicle is in running order. MOVE AUTO.NET must be notified at the time of booking as to the vehicle model, weight and height,[prices for suvs, minivans and pickups will be slightly higher ]. If MOVE AUTO.NET. is not notified of the aforementioned, there will be an additional fee, if vehicle is in excess of 4,000 pounds and or 62 inches high, up to a maximum of $200.00 [at the drivers discretion].

    6–Luggage and personal property must be confined to the trunk, with no heavy articles, and not to exceed 100- pounds. Carrier is not liable for personal items left in the vehicle, or for damage caused to vehicle from excessive or improper loading of personal items. For overseas shipments [including Hawaii and Puerto Rico] vehicles must be empty, except for factory installed equipment. Any articles left in the vehicle will be removed at the shipper’s expense. The following items are prohibited in the vehicle: electronics, prescription medicines, drugs, firearms, computers, televisions,computers etc. If the weight is in excess of 100 pounds, the driver may charge an additional fee.

    7–MOVE AUTO.NET will not be responsible for the following: all loose parts, low hanging spoilers, antennas, fog lights, windshields that are chipped, aftermarket parts installed on vehicle or undercarriage of the vehicle, which cannot be checked at time of pickup. Shipper shall remove all non-permanent outside mounted luggage and other racks prior to shipment. Vehicle must be tendered to carrier in good running condition with no more than half a tank of fuel. Carrier will not be liable for damage caused by leaking fluids.

    7a–Increases in fuel costs either charged by trucker or by oil companies will be passed onto customer up to a maximum of 10% of sales price.

    8–MOVE AUTO.NET or its agents will not be responsible for acts of god [hail, flood, earthquakes, or objects flying from the road or sky, etc].

    9–If damages occur, the entire amount due must be paid at the time of delivery [day or night] good or bad weather. MOVE AUTO.NET must be notified of damage within 48 hours of delivery. Signing the inspection report at delivery without any notations as to damage will release carrier of any liability for damages. Customer must examine vehicle thoroughly on pickup and delivery, whether day or night. All trucking claims are covered by the carrier designated on the bill of lading; insurance certificates will be issued to customer upon request, when the order is booked with carrier.

    10–This order is subject to all the terms and conditions of the carrier’s straight bills of lading, copies of which are available at the office of the carrier and are incorporated herein.

    11–Auto rentals will be paid up to $25 per day for a period of 7 days or $175 in total for any vehicle in which the transit time exceeds 30 days from the date that the vehicle is placed on the carrier [this does not pertain to overseas shipment, including Puerto Rico, Alaska or Hawaii]. Auto rentals do not include a vehicle that is being repaired due to a damage claim, or if a vehicle is being picked up by a small truck for transport to a terminal to await the actual transport across the country.

    12–MOVE AUTO.NET is licensed by the government [Department of Transportation] [bonded and insured]. We are responsible for booking the shipment with a licensed and insured motor carrier, who handle their own damage claims. If the car is damaged in transit the customer should contact the carrier first before contacting MOVE AUTO. NET

    13–If you place an order with MOVE AUTO. and cancel WITHIN 24 HOURS there will be a $50.00 cancellation fee . [The cancellation fee for overseas orders will be $250 –Hawaii, Puerto Rico and Alaska included]. In the event that the customer cancels order after gas redemption certificate is sent the $100.00 will be deducted from deposit.

    14–Any claim or controversy arising from or relating to this contract, or the performance or breach thereof must be adjudicated in the state of New York. Shipper waives the right to adjudicate this matter in any other state. MOVE AUTO cannot be held liable for carrier’s damage. The carrier’s insurance certificate will be provided at the time when carrier is assigned, to be used if the carrier does not expedite the damage claim in a timely fashion.

    15–MOVE AUTO. does not condone nor do we participate in double booking, meaning that the customer books his/her order with several companies; this does not help the customer, since the trucker will not accept the car when he sees more than one brokers’ listing on the board, if it is found that the customer has booked with several companies the order will immediately be cancelled and the deposit forfeited.

    16–By either submitting your order by telephone, on-line, fax or by e-mail, MOVE AUTO. understands that you are placing your order and accept the terms and conditions. No changes may be made to the shipping order or terms and conditions without the express written approval of management.

    Shipper’s signature ____________________________ Date
    Print name :
    By signing the above contract and terms and conditions you agree that you have READ AND UNDERSTAND THE CONTRACT.
    7. Agreed & Accepted
    I agree to and authorize transport of the above vehicle as set forth above and in the attached terms & conditions.


    Print Name:


    ***** Please fax this completed document to 866-714-4288 *****
    Unfortunately, the service I received from MoveAuto.Net did not turn out to be a very positive experience. When I booked the reservation I paid a 200 deposit that should have been applied to the total cost of shipping the vehicle (700.00 quote, plus an 8% charge for road tax).

    The contract did not indicate in any form, shape or fashion that the initial 200 I paid would not be applied to the total shipment cost. That was the understanding that was also communicated to me verbally (via telephone) from a MoveAuto.Net representative when I initial phoned the company.

    After the auto arrived to its destination (my parents home in San Jose, California), the driver informed my father that the 200 deposit did not apply to the total amount. He claimed he needed to collect the full price as noted above and did not know anything about the deposit. He threatened to take the car to a storage depot unless we paid the full amount (to include the 200 we previously paid.) We were completely caught off guard, as I have never experienced a situation like this.

    As I indicated, I’ve shipped cars on other occasions and never before did the initial deposit paid not apply. I firmly believe that Move Auto.Net is using deceptive business practices to fraudulently disguise their pricing.

    After we were informed that the 200 deposit did not apply by the driver, I immediately contacted a representative from MoveAuto.Net (Mr Andy Weller). He never really gave me a straight answer on the deposit. He informed me that I would be receiving 500 worth of gas coupons that offsets the cost of the shipment. As I found out more about the “gas coupons”, I realize that this is just another part of MoveAuto.Net’s deceptive practices.

    read more: http://www.consumeraffairs.com/auto_trans/moveauto_net.html#ixzz0XbuHDIYV

    I did not circle the option of 3-4 day pickup as Barry had previously offered this service at no charge as they had the cancelled spot and had already received a deposit from that customer.

    I was told that there were no additional fees or charges to the quote as noted above, the 8% road tax and insurance was included.

    As for 7a–Increases in fuel costs either charged by trucker or by oil companies will be passed onto customer up to a maximum of 10% of sales price.
    Diesel fuel prices from coast to coast were down an average of .012 cents per gallon as noted in
    The U.S. Energy Information Administration web site.
    Furthermore I asked the driver if he were charging the broker for increased fuel charges and he said no.
    The day before the Jeep arrived we received a call from Continental Automovers. They said the vehicle would be delivered the following afternoon and to have $1021.00 cash ready or they would place the Jeep in storage.
    I immediately called customer service and spoke with Andy, he asked “What’s up?” I told him I thought there was a mistake based on what the driver had told me.
    He said no, read my contract. I said I had and that I had a copy of all the paperwork clearly showing the quoted figure of $775.00 – $200.00 deposit leaving a balance of $575.00, and did he have the one I sent back signed because I noted clearly on it that there was no extra charge for faster pickup based on what Barry had told me.
    He then swore at me and said I could stick my paperwork up my ass! That I had better give the driver the $1021.00 or he wasn’t sending him to my house. Then he said he was hanging up and that If I wanted to discuss this matter further to call during regular business hours on Saturday after 9:00am as he wasn’t going to conduct business at 6:30 on a Friday night. Then he hung up!
    At 8:00pm that very evening I received a new contract by email showing the total for shipping to be $1021.00. I was very upset, I called him back, he asked why I was calling back Friday night when he had already told me he wasn’t conducting any business until the morning.
    I said I understood and was prepared to call the next morning to get to the bottom of the miss billing, however, he did conduct further business that evening when he changed the contract and sent it out to me.
    He said read the contract, it says 8% additional for road tax and insurance, $775.00 x 8% =$62.00 which comes to $837.00 plus he said add $84.00 which is 10% of the contract price.
    (By the way, by his own admission it should be 10% of $775.00 which was the contract price, not 10% of the contract price plus the 8% insurance road tax added in, the fuel increase charge would be $77.50 if it applied at all). He said he knocked the extra shipping charge down $100.00 and that he was only making a measly $139.00 dollars on the deal and not to complain because I was now receiving a $500.00 dollar free gas card instead of a $250.00 free gas card and that the end result was that it was only going to cost me $500.00 for the move!

    What is going on I asked, what about the $200.00 deposit I already made, why an extra 8% for road tax and insurance and 10% for increased fuel charge? Barry had told me no extra charges on the quote. I said I wasn’t even interested in the gas card as it probably had so many strings attached that it would be a pain to try and redeem it anyway, all I want is my quoted figure and my jeep.

    He swore at me and hung up!

    The next day I called to find out what time the vehicle would be delivered, he said it wasn’t, that it was going to storage in Boston and it would end up costing me $2,000.00 by the time I got it back. I said, the contract said I was paying for door to door service and thjat if the vehicle did not come to my house, he was breaching the contract. He said, Don’t think your going to get cute by getting the cops there because they can’t do anything because this is a civil matter and they don’t get involved. I said it sounds like you have a lot of experience. He said, I do, 20 years.
    I said 20 years screwing people. He said don’t bust my F’n balls here, it’s not worth it all I’m making is a lousy $139.00. He said pay the driver $1,021.00 and he would credit my card back $200.00. This is extortion I told him, your holding my jeep hostage and charging me more than agreed and I can’t do anything else but pay.
    He hung up again swearing at me.
    When I got home I googled moveauto.net and was horrified to find that thousands of people have experienced exactly the same deceptive treatment. Realizing I had invited the devil into my life and had to resolve this matter quickly to reduce the unwanted stress I called him back.
    I asked if I could give the driver $821.00 because I had already paid moveauto.inc $200.00 and I did not trust that he would credit my card back the $200.00 and I certainly did not want him to have my card info.
    He told me he would call the driver and tell him to collect $821.00 if I sent him an email stating I would not reverse the $200.00 charge on my credit card. Again extortion, back into a corner, trying to cover his bases, obviously someone in his past had done this very thing trying to keep the quote close to the original figure. I had no choice, I sent an email simply saying I had no reason to reverse the charge on my card. But now I do, because he knowingly tried to deceive me and thousands others, I have added my name to a class action suite against this company and I have started a formal complaint and investigation into this company through PayPal. Hopefully there days are numbered, and soon will be out of business.

  3. Reviewed by Meichelle - Order ID Unknown
    January 29th, 2010 at 4:37 PM

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    They also lied, and I ended up having to pay $850.00, when our contract stated $525.00. I want mt 200 dollars back, but I don’t know how to go about it. Our car has been delivered, and I just paid because I needed our car. UGH!

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