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  1. Reviewed by Terrible - Order ID 42014
    June 3rd, 2011 at 3:46 PM

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    The Auto Transport Group is not reliable or trustworthy. After assuring us that our cars would be picked up by the day we flew out of state (relocation across U.S.) and taking a $250 deposit, The Auto Transport Group never picked up our cars. We even left them abandoned with a hide-a-key for days – based upon their promise to get the cars moved within days – only to have to find another company to transport them. Not only that, we had to call and email constantly to get a response from Anthony, the owner. The car was supposed to be picked up 4/30 and we finally cancelled our contract on 5/7 since no progress was made. When I asked for reimbursement of part of the costs for rental cars and the extra we had to pay the other company (as well as our deposit back), Anthony forwarded “terms and conditions” that had never been sent to us before … stating that The Auto Transport Group did not guarantee any delivery date at all. ??? Further, Anthony was unresponsive, evasive, and failed to explain anything, won’t take responsibility, and is holding our $250 hostage until we remove our truthful review of our experience with The Auto Transport Group. I have seen that some people have had positive experiences, but I think anyone who uses this company is rolling the dice and could be paying a lot of extra money in the end. Their quote is low, but it isn’t worth the risk. DO NOT USE.

  2. Reviewed by mario - Order ID 43711
    February 19th, 2012 at 12:23 AM

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    I placed my order on Jan 4/2012 for transport of my car from PA to NM. I chose the rate that would deliver my car within 5-7 days for $850 and no deposit required and as soon as I place the order the first thing I see is a deposit of $150 required which I paid and $700 at the time of delivery. The car arrived on Feb 15th, almost 40 days later.I was asked if I wanted to pay an additional $150 and they could get it delivered by a driver coming my way but he wanted and additional $150. I said no I wouldn’t. I have had several cars delivered by four other carriers before and never had a problem. I must say Anthony did stay in touch with me to let me know what the status was. About 30 days later Anthony called me to if I would pay another $100 and he had a driver that would pick up the car the next day so I agreed to that. I figure I’d like to get the car soon. It took another 12 to 14 days before I got the car. The part that upset me the most was that I told the driver that I would have his $800 ready($700 that I owed plus the $100 extra) and the drver says, “No it will be $900.” I told him that is not what we agreed upon with the transport company. His response was,”It will be $900.” What am I supposed to do, he has the car on his truck I have no choice but to pay it. So instead of paying the agreed price of $850 originally it turned out to be $1050. Now it could have also been the driver that decided to hike up the fee and not the trandport broker. I have no way of knowing, but it is still the The Auto Transport Group responsbiity because they hired that trucking company. I usually buy my cars online but I will look through these reviews before I transport my next cars.

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