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  1. Reviewed by Michelle - Order ID Unknown
    March 19th, 2010 at 5:18 PM

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    This company is terrible and extremely dishonest. Do NOT give them any business!!

    Last year I had my car shipped (well, driven on a flat bed truck) by them. I paid this company cash when the car was delivered. They also charged my credit card. So…essentially they charged me TWICE. Unfortunately, my credit card only disputes charges within 60 days, so they said they could not help me once I figured out what happened.

    I have been on the phone with this car shipping company about 30 times now in the last 2 months trying to get my $800 refund. They have run my fiance and I in circles. They have promised to call us back, then they don’t. They have promised they were putting a refund check in the mail TWICE now and no check ever comes. The guy who runs the company is a total liar and thief.

    The owner promised us on the phone last Friday that he was putting a check in the mail. It is now a week later and the check has not arrived (and their company is located in Jersey…just a 3-4 hour drive from us). It should only take a couple days to come in the mail. Obviously, he did not send it. And this is the SECOND time they have said they were sending us a check.

    Also, if you call in and get their phone message (instead of a person), it says they are in good standing with the Better Business Bureau…This is not true! They have a C- rating with the BBB. I know because I just got off the phone with the BBB and that’s what they told me. Steer clear of this company at all costs.

  2. Reviewed by Jim Fraunberger - Order ID Unknown
    March 22nd, 2010 at 3:55 PM

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    I used to ship my Saturn Vue from NJ to LA CA and was very pleased with the service. Danielle was efficient when she took the order, explained everything to me and followed up to see if everything was in order. The car was picked up and delevered in the same condition. I wouold highly recommend for yor auto shipping needs.I plan on using them again when I ship my car bac to NJ from California.

  3. Reviewed by Ryan - Order ID 10564-ZM
    April 2nd, 2010 at 12:33 PM

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    The worst customer service I have ever received! DO NOT use this company. After reading some other reviews, my experience with Ship Any Car is very similar. I am a military member returning from overseas and needed my 1965 Ford Mustang picked up at the vehicle processing center in California. I organized this entire thing with the center and Ship Any Car 2 weeks in advance. They knew when I was driving from Arizona to California to process my car and then give it to their driver on the same day. 2 days before they call me and ask me if they can pick up the car on that same day. I told them again, that I must be there to receive, inspect and sign for my car and then the truck driver can have it. So then they said Ok, we will call you when we have a driver for you on that day. The night before they call and ask if they can pick up the car the day after my appointment? AGAIN, I told them I have an appointment, I am taking military leave to drive 7 hours to receive my car and make sure it gets on their transport truck with no problems and they said OK we will call you in the morning with your driver’s name and number. Half way to California I had not gotten a call, so I called them and they said they would call me right back. Didn’t call, called again and said they would call me right back. Didn’t call. They said they working extremely hard on getting a driver to me right away. They are liars! Do not believe what they tell you. They never called me one time that day and they just left me hanging. I was forced to hire a local company in the area and paid 2 times as much. If you decide to use this company, make sure you have a back-up plan and DO NOT work with Danielle, Andre or Manny because they don’t care!!

  4. Reviewed by JERICHO - Order ID 16135-VW
    April 12th, 2010 at 4:54 PM

  5. I called this company, the Fremont one specifically for a quote of shipping from CA to MS and the girl that I talked to named Jenn was rude and she’s almost forcing you to give your credit card details even you’re just asking for a quote. Then she said that the dispatch gonna get in touch with me for the pick up date and everything but when the dispatch called me they didn’t even know when the Van is gonna be picked up. And I’ve waited for a couple of days and haven’t heard from any of them so I called the office from Fremont and the dispatchers’ no. but they both have no idea on when it is going to be picked up and saying that they are working on it. And it was 1 week after I placed a confirmation with them, nothing happens, they can’t give an exact date on when the Van is going to be pick up. I am the one who’s following up with them, they won’t even let you know what is happening. And now, it’s been 2 freaking weeks and 6 more days before the day that I needed the VAn to be on its location, they still don’t know when the Van is gonna be pick up, I was talking to Andrew- the “Manager” and he was saying that they are still looking for a driver and he can’t even assure me that the Van is gonna be at the location by the time that i needed it, when 3 other people assures me 2 weeks ago that there is a lot of time for the Van to be there in MS.
    Now I am freaking mad and being stupid listening to these kinds of people who’s fooling their costumers, that i need to call another BETTER auto transport who has a way lower rate and give an exact date for the pick-up and drop off of the vehicle.
    I know this is way too long but I hope no one would ever, ever experience this kind of INCONVENIENCE.


  6. Reviewed by James - Order ID Unknown
    October 27th, 2010 at 1:27 PM

  7. First things first. Realize, unlike we did, that most auto transport companies are acutally brokers who will not be the ones transporting your car. They use a system of subcontractors and whoever low bids your job will get it. After that point a broker like is done with you. They get the broker fee (in our case the $150 upfront money) and they schedule the pickup, and then when the sub-contractor shows up to pick up your car you know who you are really working with. turned us over to a company called Metro City Transportation. Metro City Transportation was contracted to transport my vehicle from Texas to North Carolina. We received the vehicle at night and when we looked at it the next morning it had large scratches on the roof and roof racks where the car carrier evidently drove under some trees. Metro City said they were not to blame that the scratches were there previously. I contacted, and while sympathetic, their stance was we had to deal with the contractor.

    The problem with the system is you have no way of knowing what contractor, or any other broker is going to use until they show up to pick up your car. They could damage every car they ever shipped, and have a ton of bad reviews online, but you would never know until your car in on it’s way. My advise is don’t use any broker service and pick a company that transports the car’s themself. It will cost more, but I believe in the end you will have a more responsible company shipping your car.

  8. Reviewed by Deborah - Order ID didn'tgetone
    June 24th, 2011 at 6:29 AM

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    Scam company. Stay away! Not only are they a middlemen broker who do not have any trucks or drivers but they take a $200 deposit and make you wait for your car to get picked up. They will give you the lowest price quote possible just to lure you to signup with them. And hope so driver with a truck picks it up. Since they priced my load so cheaply, they have to raise the price. My advice, do not use ship any car ( and deal directly with a car carrier rather than some broker. I learned my lesson.

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