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Location: Kuna, ID
Toll Free Phone: 800-794-9009
FMCSA Licensing: MC-357485

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  1. Reviewed by David Moore - Order ID 71562
    September 24th, 2010 at 12:37 PM

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    I waited a long time before writing this review. I got the run around from three diffrent carriers before going with Coast to coast. They by far were not the cheapest, and had good review from this web site.
    First problem they contacted the person on the pick up end a day early and wanted the man to take a day off work to meet with the transport driver. Hounded the poor guy about getting the van to the transport driver. Finally he took the van down to a store parking lot miles from his home12:00am so he could get these people off his back.

    Second problem delivery of the van. They call me 6 hours before the van is to be delivered. Their drive Scott now tells me he will be near my location at 2:30p.m instead of 6:00p.m. and to meet him at a loves truck stop 10 miles from my home. I told him if he wants to get paid bring it to my home. Then he informs me that it company policy they do not drive into residential neighborhoods. No where inthere web site that it states we will not deliver to your door infact when I set up the transport Rachel asked me if I lived on a tree lined street. I do not live on a tree lined street and there was no mention of not having it delivered at my home.

    I then talked with the owners of the company. They said its company policy not to deliver into neighborhoods. Because of insurance costs,and they might break a hydraulic hose. I told him thats BS if that where the case no garbage truck would travel into any neghborhood. They carry a lot more hydraulic oil than a transport truck.

    The compoamise I recieved from the owner of the company was to deliver it to a closed down plant nursery a mile from my home. That means I had to walk a mile from my home to pick up my van.

  2. Reviewed by David B - Order ID Unknown
    February 23rd, 2013 at 2:51 PM

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    Delivered car with broken windshield. They didn’t deny it. Just said it was pitted so was going to break at some point anyway! Disrespectful and rude customer service. One of the worst I have ever dealt with. Both I and the moving service who coordinated my transport appealled and Coast to Coast rejected. Moving service (National) said they will never use Coast again. Terrible company and I would strongly recommend to anyone to avoid them. Beware if you use them.

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