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  1. Reviewed by Steve - Order ID Jim
    March 14th, 2010 at 12:52 AM

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    Mercury Auto Transport did not keep in contact with me on the status of any offers;I had to call and email them. Two weeks and can not find a shipper under $500.00? Then they tell me my vehicle will have to be picked-up 70 miles away!!
    They told me my vehicle would be delivered (in another city,70 miles from my house) on Thursday night,but I had no contact from anyone. I called the dispatch # and they told me it was now being delivered on Friday! Well,Friday came and again no contact and could not get driver to answer his phone. Called dispatch again and they gave me another # for the driver. Driver told me he could be there on Saturday!! Are you kidding me!!! Well,I told him he had to deliver the vehicle to my house as I had no way to get there now. He did get to my house,but two days after promised.
    I will never ever use Mercury Auto Transport again! Very bad service.

  2. Reviewed by Kristin Wallace - Order ID 103989-PK
    April 8th, 2010 at 5:22 PM

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    DO NOT BELIEVE THE GOOD REVIEWS FOR THIS COMPANY!!! I recently solicited quotes to move a pickup truck from Tennessee to California. After contacting several companies and looking them up on the BBB, I decided to go with Mercury Auto Transport based on their competitive (but not cheapest) quote of $825 and their excellent rating. They told me that they expected the truck to be on a transporter in 2 to 4 days, but could guarantee it would be loaded in 1 week. I was happy with that and gave them my credit card info; they said that it would not be charged until the vehicle was loaded.

    That occurred at the beginning of March. It is now April, and my truck is still in Tennessee. A representative of Mercury contacted me 3 times in the past month with an offer to transport, but at a much higher rate than the original quote. Around March 30, they told me they could get it on a transporter for $1100; this is 20% higher. Extremely frustrated, I agreed to pay that price. Mercury told me that the dispatcher would contact me; the dispatcher never called. I called Mercury back the next day, and they again said that the dispatcher would contact me. They never did. However, I was notified by my credit card company that Mercury had attempted to charge my card (I had placed a hold on it). So I called them again, since they said the card wouldn’t be charged until the truck was loaded; they apologized and said again that the dispatcher would call me, but that they had no current information on when it would be loaded. The next day (Thursday) I received an email from the dispatcher that said the scheduled pickup day for the truck had been the day before (Wednesday). I called the people who have the truck in Tennessee; of course, the truck had not been picked up, and they had not been contacted by either a dispatcher or anyone from Mercury.

    I contacted another transport company 3 days ago. They agreed to transport the truck for $1100. It was loaded on a transporter today and will be in California by next week.

    My complaints are:
    Mercury Auto Transport obviously under-quoted the cost for moving the truck, then tried to get a higher fee
    They attempted to charge me for a service that had not been provided
    Poor communication and customer service

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